Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dramatic Puppy recovery!

Koda has been pretty pathetic since the accident. He's been in a lot of pain from the broken pelvis. He hadn't moved much from his puppy bed. He wouldn't eat or drink. We were getting worried about him being dehydrated.  We had a few successes getting him to go to the bathroom but he looked so pathetic sitting there shivering and whining on the potty pad.

Anyway, today I decided I just needed to be patient and I hand fed the poor little guy. He started eating better when the cat tried to eat his food. He didn't want to share. He even drank water if I squirted it in my hand for him. I felt so bad for him and he seemed so helpless and pathetic. Later on we tried to get him to pee again on the potty pad. He just wouldn't do it. So I decided to squirt his little puppy parts with water to see if it would stimulate him to go to the bathroom... It actually caused him to look at me in shock and run away from me! Seriously he hobbled away so fast after the cold water hit him where it counted. THEN he realized it didn't hurt so bad to walk. He didn't put any weight on one leg. That was the side of the pelvis that broke. He managed just fine on the other 3 though. He walked outside, went down 3 steps, and then explored the yard and did his business. That is a major major breakthrough! He even came back in and started begging at the table. It was such a dramatic improvement. All it took was shockingly cold water on his little puppy penis. So I cured him kind of! No more hand feeding for him. He can fend for himself now. I think he was just too scared to try before. I wasn't trying to torture him or anything but he's a lot happier and chipper. He is almost his old self. It was a good day for him. :)


Corey said...

oh yay! so cute! i am glad that he is feeling better!

Libby said...

The fun thing will be months from now when he'll remember that limping on that leg or acting pitiful will get him special treatment. Hagan (4 years after a sprained leg) will sometimes develop a "limp" if no one is paying him any attention. It miraculously goes away as soon as you start wrestling or playing with him.