Sunday, May 2, 2010

Being an adult...I don't remember signing up for this.

When you meet someone and start dating, how is everything supposed to happen? Do you work up to loving them or do you feel an almost instant love and spend the dating time waiting for the shoe to drop? Is there a right way?

Someone asked me if I felt that the person I was dating, was "The one". I replied that of course I thought they were the one. That's why I was still dating them. You break up when you realize they aren't the one, right? Or they throw the other shoe in your face instead of waiting for it to drop.

It's hard to let go of something like that. I feel as if I'm making progress and then something happens to jar my equilibrium. They send me a text saying hi. Or their family chats with me and I can't help but link them to him. One day you find out they have been terribly ill. Then you think about them MORE and you are worried about them. Praying for them to make it through. All the while, just falling back down into that hole you had been clawing to get out of.

Sometimes, Love Stinks.

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