Sunday, June 13, 2010

My guilty pleasures!

I read someone else's blog post about their guilty pleasures. This person put them out in the open so that maybe they wouldn't have to feel quite so guilty if people knew about them. I thought it was a GREAT idea! So I'm going to write mine down. I don't really have an order and I'm really a random person so I guess I will just write them down as I think of them.

#1. I like romance novels. Especially the cheesy fantasy based ones. The more supernatural powers and fantastical ideas, the better!

#2. I am addicted to gum. If I see a new flavor, I have to buy it. I can't resist. I also have a problem with swallowing my gum. I'm kind of a ding bat and I forget I'm chewing it and the next thing I know, it's gone. If I don't concentrate on it, I guess my body thinks it's food instead of something to keep my jaw busy.

#3. I'm attracted to geeks. I have tried to deny this, but I can't. They are just so dang cute! They are awkward and smart all at the same time. It's just adorable. I have this idea that they are so grateful when a girl pays attention to them and will treat her like she deserves because they can't believe that they rolled a 20 and they better take advantage of their luck! Next time it could be a 1 and that very well could mean their death.

#4. I love compliments. I never know how to respond to them, but I love them and I admit that I will seek them out more than I probably should. Here is a secret though, the best way is to be free with compliments yourself but make sure they are well thought out and sincere.

#5. I hate organizing. My room is pleasantly chaotic and I feel comfortable in it. That's the way my brain works. Sometimes the brain drives me nuts because I have a hard time focusing. I write to help me organize my thoughts. Organizing my room is an entirely different matter and not nearly as enjoyable as writing. I organize so much at work that it's hard to do it at home. Whoops I forgot to write a guilty pleasure on this one, I was just admitting a fault. I like hanging out with gay guys. They are funny, honest, and refreshingly themselves.

#6. I love talking about my problems with the hope that in some small way it can do some good. I read this really funny quote that said something like, If you can't be a good example, be a really horrible warning. I am so open about the mistakes in my past because I hope it can be a horrible warning to the young people I interact with in my life.

#7. I love bright funky socks, fingernail polish, and dangling earrings. At least they are small items and don't cost a ton, so when I spend money on them I don't feel TOO guilty.

#8. I talk a lot. Maybe I hope some of the things coming out of my mouth will be funny and I can make someone laugh. If I'm quiet, it's usually because I'm either editing myself, something is wrong, or I just don't know you well enough to burden you with the strong force of my personality. I can be a little bit overwhelming sometimes. If I have a strong opinion about something, I will tell it to you. I am also extremely honest. Growing up and getting to be a better person is sometimes a painful process. You have to be honest with yourself and your faults in order to overcome them.

#9. I LOVE when someone spends time thinking about me or talking to me or spending time with me. I have a deep need to be needed by others and it makes me feel a little more worthy of the Earth's precious oxygen.

#10. I love laughing. I laugh easily. If you want to feel funny, come tell me a joke. Even if it is stupid, I'll laugh. Keep the jokes clean though. I'm trying to keep my mind out of the gutter! It falls in there too easily for me to invite those kind of things into my head on purpose!

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Corey said...

Love it! You are fantastic! And such a great writer!