Sunday, September 19, 2010

A year review in facebook statuses

I wanted to copy and paste all my facebook statuses for the past year. I thought it would be fun to look back at them. This will probably be a long post. My life has changed a LOT. Last year around this time, I was embarking upon a long spiritual journey. :)

Compliments are free and that's just about all I can afford so deal with it.   (10:56pm)

Dear Facebook friends, When you post your pictures, there are arrows near the share button on your photo. You can turn them so that they face the right way! Now, I'm not trying to be rude I just love looking at your pictures and it makes it a lot more pleasant if I don't have to tilt my head to look at them. I'm not a creepy stalker though. Yeah.   (9:15pm)
Nia- "When I grow up, I'm going to be just like you Mommy. Someday." Now that is a glowing recommendation and a great way to start your Sunday. Time for the primary program! I even have a part :p   (8:32am)
had a great time hanging out with Melaina Minks tonight and Corey Wilkey this afternoon. Great Saturday!   (9:10pm yesterday)
Tarzan was most excellent. My kids were entranced.   (12:02am yesterday)
Yay for dill pickles and going to see Tarzan tonight.   (6:58pm September 17th, 2010)
is currently enjoying Nia's broadway rendition of the first line from I Am a Child of God.   (9:13am September 17th, 2010)
Take some time today and tell someone that they make a difference in your life, I promise that it will make a difference in their's.   (7:59am September 17th, 2010)
is thinking it may be necessary to post a sign, in the fitting rooms, declaring that it isn't a bathroom.   (6:35pm September 16th, 2010)
is a little tired this morning but had a wonderful phone chat last night that makes it totally worth it. Love you Tasia!   (8:12am September 16th, 2010)
Thrift Stores are just awesome.   (2:26pm September 15th, 2010)
Yay for choir starting again and yay for my little sister who is going to be having a girl.   (8:10pm September 14th, 2010)
What is up with all the guys in V-necks lately? Eww   (12:19pm September 13th, 2010)
Is cleaning while her kids pretend to clean their rooms. There is a suspicious amount of giggling coming from that direction. I'm sure the giggling is proportional to the amount of cleaning that isn't getting done.   (6:54pm September 12th, 2010)
my phone is in a safe place where I won't lose it...   (6:11pm September 12th, 2010)
My life was deeply affected by the aftermath of 9/11. I know it is a day that still feels fresh in most people's lives. I'm proud to be an American and I am thinking of all those who suffered through this tragedy and may still be suffering.   (4:44am September 11th, 2010)
is in the market for a new best friend. My old best friend has a fiance now, sheesh the nerve of some people. ;)   (9:56pm September 9th, 2010)
The following book title cracked me up. RIG WARRIOR Eighteen-wheel avenger. In his ten-ton death rig, he's ready to reduce the terrorist butchers to road kill!   (10:59am September 9th, 2010)
At least Bejeweled thinks I'm extraordinary.   (12:19am September 9th, 2010)
Onn Monday, Jon and I were bringing in drinks from the car. Gatorade and powerade. Albertsons had a good sale. Nia told us to tak them all in her room so she could have a party.   (8:12am September 8th, 2010)
I just read this, "A narwhal is the incarnation of awesome." I nodded my head in agreement.   (11:19pm September 7th, 2010)
my children bring me sunshine in an otherwise dreary life. Love love them and their many antics.   (7:40pm September 6th, 2010)
The pickle dancing cashier at Jimmy John's was too young, otherwise, he was a keeper.   (10:38pm September 4th, 2010)
has been working on transitioning from summer clothes layout, to fall/winter clothes layout, at the thrift store. It's already September!! Where did the summer go?   (4:27pm September 4th, 2010)
I'm a mother of two, I work in retail for a non-profit organization that does a lot of good for the community, my eyes are gritty from lack of sleep because of a really good book I started reading last night, I like to sing, and I am a Mormon...(Those ads on the side feel a little politically incorrect but they are catchy)   (8:10am September 4th, 2010)another successful Friday night :p Bejeweled blitz until I can go brain-dead enough to fall asleep. I'm so awesome.   (12:37am September 4th, 2010)

meh   (11:28pm September 3rd, 2010)
at home with a sick boy.   (10:58am September 2nd, 2010)
so this 4 year old boy and I were discussing this bracelet and how when he is older he will buy it for his girlfriend but right now he is in the rookie club when it comes to girls. I laughed so hard.   (9:44pm September 1st, 2010)
it's the 50% off sale today at the hospital thrift store... I don't know if I'm up for it. blegh My body is already sore before I've even gotten out of bed.   (8:00am August 31st, 2010)
has had a great day so far! Went and got a haircut with Nia before dropping her off at her school, she LOVES that kind of stuff. Spent the extra dollar to get my hair shampooed, it was so worth the scalp massage done by a seriously cute guy. I saved 14 dollars at costco on gummy vitamins and rice crispy treats (essentials) and now I'm enjoying a delicious pasta in a quiet house.   (1:17pm August 30th, 2010)
Dear friends, please feel free to vent to me or share whatever you need to get off your chest, happy or sad. I love listening and it takes my mind off of my own problems. Seriously! <3   (8:00pm August 29th, 2010)
I got to sleep in today for a whole 25 more minutes!   (8:26am August 28th, 2010)
My kids are beautiful! Even with crazy morning hair.   (8:03am August 26th, 2010)
wishes she could hold her brand new niece but she is all the way in Reno.   (6:02pm August 25th, 2010)
tonight my feet are sore! I feel like I've climbed 3 trees and played double dutch jump rope with sugar-filled 12 year old giggly girls.   (10:38pm August 24th, 2010)
is a little overwhelmed and wishing that Kaden's teacher would get his IEP already. This homework is going to be the death of us.   (9:44pm August 23rd, 2010)
haha It's so hard to be mad that the kids aren't going to sleep when Nia is singing a song about how much she loves her mommy.   (9:28pm August 17th, 2010)
Dear Cafe Rio Tuesday special, I saved myself for you and it was worth it. Love, Natalie.   (2:12pm August 17th, 2010)
It is going to be a rough day. I can't wait until my boss gets back from his vacation so I can stop killing myself at work. :p I am so sore.   (7:09am August 14th, 2010)
feels like she is facing things alone. Time to get down on my knees and remind myself that I'm never alone.   (9:17pm August 10th, 2010)
it was nice to have my kids back at church with me! I'm glad everything is starting to get back to normal.   (12:24pm August 8th, 2010)
ate a Jimmy John's sandwich for lunch, thanks to my brother! I had to chew it a lot but the extra masticating was worth it.   (3:02pm August 6th, 2010)
Bazinga, my newest ringtone!   (7:59pm August 5th, 2010)
The new mushroom and swiss snack wrap at McDonalds is amazing! I feel so wonderful to actually have a full stomach! I've been starving for days lol. My throat is feeling a lot better today.   (8:28pm August 4th, 2010)
is going to try to go back to work on Wednesday. Wish me luck.   (11:46pm August 3rd, 2010)
is still alive just so everyone knows, although my enthusiasm for life at the moment is a little dim. :p   (11:14pm August 2nd, 2010)
is eating strawberry yogurt (ice cream kind) and it has live cultures too!   (10:24pm July 31st, 2010)
is exceedingly hungry right now.   (3:21pm July 31st, 2010)
Day 4 of the tonsillectomy drama: This has been the worst day for pain so far! It may be because of the cauterizing procedure I had done yesterday. Seriously, I am contemplating starving to death. :p   (8:58pm July 30th, 2010)Kaden said "Mommy! It's raining ice cubes!"   (5:46pm July 30th, 2010)
/whimper   (12:36pm July 30th, 2010)
Grape chloraseptic spray is my new best friend!   (7:28am July 30th, 2010)
aww My son was so worried about me, he asked his Grandma if I was going to die. He's been such a sweet heart this whole time, asking me if I need anything and wanting to cook for me. He brought me in a lap tray for my drinks so I could reach them easier. He did this all on his own.   (10:11pm July 29th, 2010)
became a bleeding statistic tonight. They cauterized it and I'm fine.   (9:08pm July 29th, 2010)
reminder to self: Don't let pain meds wear off...and take them sooner than 4 hours after they wear off if you want to be able to eat anything for dinner.   (4:37pm July 29th, 2010)
FB games help me keep my mind off the pain of swallowing my own spit. :p Sorry for the spam.   (5:19pm July 28th, 2010)
Oh acid reflux, go away so I can lay down and go to sleep! I'm already in enough pain as it is!   (12:35am July 28th, 2010)
is now officially hurting. :p   (9:43pm July 27th, 2010)
is awake after the surgery. It went well. I'm still groggy lol.   (1:59pm July 27th, 2010)
is sick-to-my-stomach nervous for this stupid surgery. Hope I wake up from anesthesia! :p I'll let you all know how the popsicles taste.   (7:05am July 27th, 2010)
is trying to decide what she wants for her last pain-free meal. A week or two of pain anyway.   (6:26pm July 26th, 2010)
will be sleeping in her own bed tonight, bliss!   (10:13pm July 25th, 2010)
stopped in Las Vegas on the way home, for the night. Love my sisters.   (6:40pm July 24th, 2010)
Today, I went to the beach and we couldn't swim because of sting rays. We went to a different beach later so that we could frolic in the waves! We had sand everywhere! MLIA (in honor of MLIA status day)   (12:38am July 24th, 2010)
is going to Sea World with her kids tomorrow! They are going to love it!!   (10:08pm July 21st, 2010)
is leaving for San Diego tomorrow! YAY!   (10:20pm July 20th, 2010)
is on vacation and she can't sleep in! The kids are still sleeping away though.   (8:49am July 19th, 2010)
Can't believe 9 years has passed since I had my first child. Time is going by too quickly.   (1:52pm July 18th, 2010)
is in California and she is so happy to see her kids.   (5:00pm July 17th, 2010)
Quote of the night: I can eat as many beans as I want, I'm single.   (11:56pm July 16th, 2010)
Quote of the day at work: Well I'm not worried about another ice age at the moment.   (5:00pm July 16th, 2010)
Sorcerer's apprentice was pretty great.   (10:19pm July 15th, 2010)
Tonight is especially difficult.   (11:59pm July 13th, 2010)
wishes she could sleep all the way through the night without waking up 15 times.   (7:22am July 13th, 2010)
Thinks that the week, before vacation, sucks.   (3:41pm July 12th, 2010)
is so grateful that church is over and she survived, judging by the comments and hugs, I think it went well.   (12:16pm July 11th, 2010)
I wish I knew all the right words to say all the time. The words that are needed to help heal a broken heart or a troubled soul. Sometimes all that I can do is let someone know I care.   (12:03am July 11th, 2010)
is missing her two favorite people in the whole world.   (9:51am July 10th, 2010)
is feeling dangerous! I'm going to wear a white shirt to work today at the Thrift Store! Ok maybe not.   (9:06am July 9th, 2010)
This whole tonsil thing is kind of scary. They are attached to me and I to them. We've been through a lot the last 30 years. That is better than a lot of marriages!   (9:03am July 9th, 2010)
oi   (8:09am July 9th, 2010)
loves her sister for being such a bright ray of pessimistic sunshine! ;)   (9:00am July 8th, 2010)
likes talking herself because she knows at least someone is listening!   (10:42pm July 7th, 2010)
had a fun experience trying to sing with a numb throat, the Dr. holding my tongue, and a camera making me gag. It was cool to see the video though.   (12:30pm July 7th, 2010)
I miss the you I used to know.   (9:48pm July 6th, 2010)
has a talk in sacrament meeting next Sunday. I don't know what I was thinking when I nodded and said yes. I haven't talked in church since I was in Young Women's. EEP! I'm seriously scared. :p   (8:26pm July 5th, 2010)
has family in town that she hasn't seen for months and she has to work tomorrow. :( Also, without my kids, I feel like a third of a person.   (8:00pm July 4th, 2010)
blah for working on Saturdays. BLAH I tell you.   (8:10am July 3rd, 2010)
kids made it safely. I can relax now. Time for a hot bath!   (10:36pm July 2nd, 2010)
may have overdone it today while loading up the truck with the leftover free Friday items. It's hot out there. Fyi   (3:19pm July 2nd, 2010)
is having a lot of anxiety, at least work helps keep my mind off things.   (9:16am July 2nd, 2010)
My skittle wrapper didn't win.   (11:08pm July 1st, 2010)
last night I dreamed about work and sorting clothes and things, all night long! Today I am still sleepy and sore.   (8:21am July 1st, 2010)
has been having weird dreams all week which is weird because I usually don't remember my dreams.   (8:37am June 30th, 2010)
Best droid app ever! Where's my droid? Turns off the silent mode and rings! You activate it with a text! Haha I'll never lose it again!! Unless my battery is dead that is...   (8:36pm June 29th, 2010)
Today I fixed Nia's wand with my purple duct tape. She saw the roll and asked if that was the purple ducky tape. lol   (10:50pm June 28th, 2010)
had a great day with the kids so far. I'm going to miss them so much while they are gone for 2 weeks. Looking forward to our vacation after that though! Every day I feel lucky to be the mother of such great kids.   (3:35pm June 28th, 2010)
had a fun lunch with Tasia Ariel Stubbs. Love you!   (2:47pm June 28th, 2010)
It's kind of funny that one of my moms texts more than I do. Maybe I need to spam my contacts haha!   (8:05pm June 27th, 2010)
Conversation with Kaden yesterday. Kaden: "Mom, I just saw a grandma on a motorcycle!" Me: "That is awesome!" Kaden: "I think that is BETTER than awesome!"   (9:18pm June 26th, 2010)
is excited to hang out with Theresa Quinones Smith YAY!   (9:39am June 26th, 2010)
went to the Dr. today to get meds for adult ADD. After work, my car wasn't where I parked it. I think someone is messing with me!   (11:03pm June 25th, 2010)
got a cheap extra battery for my phone. I love the internet. It didn't come from Hong Kong and as far as I can tell it is identical to the other battery. I think I am safe from an explosion injury.   (12:47pm June 24th, 2010)
When bad things happen to good people, it's a trial and we will become better people when we conquer it!! When bad things happen to bad people, it's karma. The things you think of when you are awake in the wee hours of the morning.   (4:17am June 24th, 2010)
is getting burned out. Time for ice cream perhaps!   (12:11am June 23rd, 2010)
can't sleep and can't get stuff out of my head.   (1:35am June 22nd, 2010)
is having a hard time with a lot of things but tomorrow is another day!   (10:08pm June 21st, 2010)
Monday is poopy because it always ruins your weekends by abruptly ending them!   (8:27am June 21st, 2010)
just got back from a fun day in Las Vegas. Took the kids to adventure dome. I love roller coasters!   (11:30pm June 19th, 2010)
I just want to reiterate the previous brother status, he is the best! He took my car to get the oil changed today. :)   (10:38am June 18th, 2010)
Last night, instead of saying cross my heart hope to die, Kaden said "I promise and I won't starve to death."   (9:13am June 18th, 2010)
meh   (9:11pm June 17th, 2010)
has the best brother in the world!   (7:34pm June 17th, 2010)
Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and help them become what they are capable of being. -Goethe   (12:51pm June 16th, 2010)
figured out how to set up her files in her phone so she can have songs as ringtones! YAY I love google btw.   (7:22am June 16th, 2010)
"Skype is for pretty people and gamers." Quote of the day by Natalie   (10:50pm June 15th, 2010)
is feeling forlorn tonight. I kind of like the word forlorn but I don't like feeling it.   (10:32pm June 15th, 2010)
LOVES when Nia requests a lullaby before bed. We did a lovely rendition of "Into the West". :)   (10:10pm June 14th, 2010)
Likes her phone again.   (2:52pm June 14th, 2010)
Can't figure out how to text with her new phone.   (10:13am June 14th, 2010)
got a new phone. My number should be ported over within an hour!! Excited not to have to carry around 2 phones. :p   (7:39am June 14th, 2010)
Oh, why do I let myself let go, of Hands that painted the stars and hold tears that fall?And the pride of my heart makes me forget, it's not me but You, who makes the heart beat, I'm lost without You, And dying from me.   (10:08pm June 13th, 2010)
washed the marshmallow out of her hair and no longer smells like campfire. Good times!   (12:03am June 13th, 2010)
Party tonight for my bff! I'm excited, I've missed him.   (6:12pm June 12th, 2010)
likes circus peanuts the best when they aren't soft.   (10:58pm June 11th, 2010)
is always amazed at how freely my customers give compliments. I've never worked in a place with these kind of shoppers. One woman brought tears with her words.   (12:04pm June 11th, 2010)
really loves her job. How lucky is that?   (10:22am June 10th, 2010)
had such a great experience with M&S turquoise. They evaluated and polished up a few valuable jewelry donations. All at no charge!   (3:26pm June 9th, 2010)
is grateful her boss is back. :)   (12:43pm June 9th, 2010)
Awesome t-shirt of the day that a customer was wearing: girls like guys with skills. It had a picture of a video game controller.   (2:47pm June 7th, 2010)
is just a little frustrated with things at the moment.   (11:48pm June 6th, 2010)
I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much. ~Mother Teresa   (11:59pm June 5th, 2010)
decided that the life of a spy would be a lonely existence. She has enough of that already. Luckily her beautiful children help alleviate that to an extent...FB helps too. :p   (10:00pm June 4th, 2010)
is stressing a bit because her boss is on vacation! Hopefully I'll make it through the next 4 workdays in one piece.   (8:32am June 4th, 2010)
My phone is found. Fb is being weird and did something to my last update. Anyway, it was upstairs and I shouldn't have heard it through the floor.   (9:36am June 2nd, 2010)
lost her phone. It's on vibrate and I can hear it, I just can't find it. I guess it's not a big loss since I don't get phone calls much or texts. :p   (8:54am June 2nd, 2010)
Thank you to the service men and their families for all that they have sacrificed. Time away from your family is time you'll never get back. God bless the families of the soldiers that have died for our freedoms. Thank you just doesn't seem adequate.   (5:22pm May 31st, 2010)
had a Japanese tourist come into the store today. He visited a few days ago and keeps buying souvenirs. Apparently he came back because of me. He thinks I'm really pretty and that I have a ton of boyfriends and he didn't believe me when I said I didn't. Hopefully he doesn't come back tomorrow and propose. :p   (10:12pm May 27th, 2010)
Nia told me I looked like a princess and that my hair was amazing. It's nice to hear that from someone. I think I'll keep her.   (5:08pm May 27th, 2010)
congratulations to Ashley Ellsworth, Kelsey Jetter, Danieletta Moyes, Alisa Larson, Jessica Bilek, and Amanda Wright. Love you all.   (9:05pm May 26th, 2010)
sometimes craves a little more excitement in her life.   (7:34pm May 26th, 2010)
Kaden dissected an owl pellet yesterday. He brought home the treasures he found. Eww!   (8:21am May 26th, 2010)
Tasia Stubbs, I just wanted you to know how amazing you are and that I love you!   (10:58pm May 25th, 2010)
Women are angels and when someone breaks our wings... We simply continue to fly... On a broomstick. We are flexible like that.   (4:59pm May 25th, 2010)
Amy swallowed a chip sideways. Poor girl.   (7:23pm May 24th, 2010)
Oh Monday, please show mercy.   (8:46am May 24th, 2010)
Today at church, Nia and the teacher drew what she was thankful for. Apparently she is very thankful for ears.   (11:43pm May 23rd, 2010)
is a little bit frustrated.   (10:36pm May 23rd, 2010)
“The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.” -Mother Teresa   (1:58pm May 23rd, 2010)
Every time I go to search for something on Google, I get distracted by the dang pacman game. I can't even remember what I wanted to look for!   (10:44pm May 22nd, 2010)
loved singing in the concert but hates heels and nylons. :p   (9:35pm May 22nd, 2010)
had an amazing time recording!   (11:52am May 22nd, 2010)
Recording in the morning, birthday party for Emmett in the afternoon, then a choir concert that evening. Saturday is going to be busy busy. :)   (11:27pm May 21st, 2010)
Weird outfit of the day: towel and wet swimsuit   (1:38pm May 21st, 2010)
Congratulations to the upcoming graduates! I love you all and I'll miss you as you move on to the next phase of your life. I know you will all be amazing at whatever you do! <3   (11:00pm May 20th, 2010)
is a dork. She ordered a ring that said <3 (less than three) hah   (11:33pm May 19th, 2010)
Everything happens for a reason.   (11:22pm May 19th, 2010)
oi! That's the sound Tuesday night heading into Wednesday makes.   (11:57pm May 18th, 2010)
wishes she could go to Mr. Lister's Opus. :(   (11:37pm May 18th, 2010)
"Do mi so do" That's the sound Tuesday makes.   (7:35am May 18th, 2010)
Do you ever wonder why you have all those people on your friend's list when the bulk of them never even talk to you? I usually just hope they play the same FB apps as me.   (10:56pm May 17th, 2010)
haha read this on a website. After watching a ClearBlue pregnancy test meter commercial that says 1 in 4 women can misread a pregnancy test, I've decided that those 25% don't need to have children. MLIA.   (10:01pm May 17th, 2010)
blech. That's the Monday sound!   (7:59am May 17th, 2010)
If I loved you, word's wouldn't come in an easy way.   (9:42pm May 16th, 2010)
When you only have two or three friends, it's easy to get lonely when they are too busy with life to talk/text to you.   (5:56pm May 16th, 2010)
is going to a rehearsal and then off to work!   (8:32am May 15th, 2010)
Sometimes you need friends to have fun with so you can just forget about stuff.   (6:46pm May 13th, 2010)
Oh happy day! Nia pooped in the toilet!   (8:42am May 13th, 2010)
We have been trying to potty train Nia forever! Pull-ups don't work. They are too much like diapers. We made great progress this week though!   (8:46pm May 12th, 2010)
found her extra sunshine through song.   (10:41pm May 11th, 2010)
needs a little more sunshine in her life.   (9:02am May 11th, 2010)
had a super fun day with Nia. We went shopping and got haircuts from Lauren Holly Hunt. Then we went to applebees for lunch!   (2:13pm May 10th, 2010)
So Kaden was up singing with the primary during the prelude music today. He's a little unsure of the words to the mother's day songs they were singing. It gets to a part where it says Mother I love you and he points at me all cool like. Cracked me up and touched my heart.   (11:00pm May 9th, 2010)
Don't worry, someday this will all be worth it!   (10:12pm May 9th, 2010)
Curses to ice cream and exes!   (10:04am May 8th, 2010)
VERY SERIOUS WARNING: Facebook now automatically scans your brain through your monitor. To block, go to Kitchen Cabinets remove box of Aluminum Foil. Wrap foil around your head, stay calm & breathe through your left nostril. This is a serious problem & has been confirmed by my cousin's neighbor's son's baby's mama and her pet hamster. Copy and paste as your status & SAVE YOUR FRIENDS!   (8:50am May 8th, 2010)
is truly grateful to be a mom to my 2 beautiful children. They make all the pain in life worth it.   (9:33pm May 6th, 2010)
has a burning, stinging, itchy face. She's also crabby because of said ailments! That was the longest 16 minutes and 40 seconds of my life! It burned the whole time and I couldn't see and I just had to sit there. The hour before wasn't pleasant either. Oh well, at least it's good for me!   (6:50pm May 6th, 2010)
Getting a face treatment today. It's supposed to kill any pre-cancer cells. Hope I don't look too icky.   (8:10am May 6th, 2010)
Speaking of bad curvature, convex vs. concave, I got myself a mother's day present. See's Gift certificate! yum   (11:41pm May 4th, 2010)
Nia and I saw a hot air balloon today. She said, "Mommy! Maybe there are carebears in it!"   (10:27pm May 3rd, 2010)
blech.   (7:42am May 3rd, 2010)
Today at work feels like am eternity. Not in a way of unending joy but just the unending part.   (3:54pm May 1st, 2010)
Thank you, friend, for being the answer to my unspoken prayer.   (11:21pm April 27th, 2010)
You are on my mind and in my prayers. I'm sorry that life keeps throwing poop at you.   (10:46pm April 26th, 2010)
Did you know it's pretzle day? Nia and I got free pretzles at pretzle time for singing twinkle twinkle little star. Haha   (1:21pm April 26th, 2010)
Surprise! It's like finding 3 nuts in your peanut!   (9:48pm April 24th, 2010)
Icky donation of the day: underwear with the pad still stuck to it.   (11:02am April 24th, 2010)
had fun singing last night. Oh how I missed alto!   (9:19am April 21st, 2010)
To the volunteers past and present from the Gift Shop. I miss all your cute faces!! I hope your lives are splendid. Much love from me.   (10:23pm April 19th, 2010)
is grateful for the few friends in her life that keep her from being too lonely. I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow!   (9:28pm April 18th, 2010)
One time when I was at church, the first councilor was conducting. When he announced our rest hymn, which was Let us all Press On, he said that we would sing Let us all Pass On. The bishop probably laughed the hardest.   (11:04pm April 17th, 2010)
where's 70 children when you need them?   (2:20am April 17th, 2010)
Nia wipes kisses off. Today my mom asked her why. She said "So I can get more kisses!" awww   (10:25pm April 14th, 2010)
God will sort it all out. Just love everyone.   (10:42pm April 12th, 2010)
is just trying to get through each day, one at a time.   (12:02am April 12th, 2010)
DRMC Hospital Thrift Store has 61 fans! Awesomeness! I absolutely adore my job there and I know I make a difference.   (11:04pm April 9th, 2010)
Tax season- The one time a year it's actually awesome to be a single mom. :p   (8:56am April 9th, 2010)
feels so good after singing today. I missed it. I also missed that A they wanted me to sing... geeze, time to work on my range.   (11:07pm April 6th, 2010)
We are so different. How wonderful and intriguing!   (10:42pm March 29th, 2010)
There are 50 fans now of the DRMC Hospital Thrift Store page! That is totally AWESOME! Thanks everyone. :)   (9:12pm March 29th, 2010)
is using her laser scissors to cut out the pictures for her primary lesson! haha   (10:53pm March 27th, 2010)
We take so many things for granted. Like the ability to talk and having 2 ears! I still have 2 ears at least.   (11:33pm March 25th, 2010)
Sometimes I read the status messages in a petulant 3 year old voice. Kids crack me up when they talk in third person.   (8:59am March 25th, 2010)
has an audition tomorrow and she is losing her voice. :(   (9:47pm March 22nd, 2010)
Sadly, not everyone has a happy ending in their story. Or a happy beginning and middle. The most that some people can hope for are happy moments. Be thankful for all that you have. Life is too short to wish for things to be better. Enjoy what you DO have NOW!   (2:33am March 22nd, 2010)
thinks it is amazing that as a mother you can go from knowing everything to knowing nothing at random times during the day.   (7:36pm March 18th, 2010)
What are some of your pet peeves?   (11:14pm March 14th, 2010)
Apologizing does not always mean that you are wrong and they are right. It just means you value the relationship more than your ego. -I don't know who said it but I thought it was awesome   (10:37am March 13th, 2010)
Scissors are overpowered. Rock is fine. -Paper   (10:47pm March 12th, 2010)
is going to tackle the dreaded pine wood derby car today! Wish me luck.   (9:35am March 12th, 2010)
dear Corey Wilkey and Sam Anderson. You are very inspiring bloggers and I am going to endeavor to write a flippin entry in my dust gathering blog tonight. Thank you fellows and that is all.   (6:08pm March 11th, 2010)
"At least you have both ears. You have to keep everything in perspective." -Me   (10:31pm March 8th, 2010)
has Thursday and Friday off this week to spend with the kids. I'm excited!   (7:38pm March 8th, 2010)
had a great time in Las Vegas! Apples to apples is definitely one of my all time favorite games. Never a dull moment when you play with witty people!   (10:25pm March 7th, 2010)
has nicely decorated car windows. Apparently a hottie drives my car and I didn't even know it! Sneaky hottie ninjas.   (12:11am March 5th, 2010)
will be done working in the Gift Shop after next week. It hasn't been fun leaving behind all those volunteers that have come to mean so much to me over the years. I love you girls and Luis! Stay in touch please. :)   (10:12pm March 3rd, 2010)
“We say we love flowers, yet we pluck them. We say we love trees, yet we cut them down. And people still wonder why some are afraid when told they are loved.” -unknown   (9:23am March 2nd, 2010)
thinks everyone should use the Harry Potter raspberry that she made up z:p.   (6:36pm March 1st, 2010)
Just saw When in Rome. Great movie!   (10:43pm February 27th, 2010)
really does like herself. Of course there are always things to improve on. It keeps us going in a forward motion and that matters!   (10:39am February 25th, 2010)
Name that movie: What do you want me to do? Dress in drag and do the hula?   (10:04am February 25th, 2010)
It's almost Friday. We can do this!   (8:04am February 25th, 2010)
is glad she cracks herself up. Constant entertainment since I can't get away from myself!   (6:10pm February 24th, 2010)
was doing so well and now everything is thrown for a loop. How can something so innocent change our emotional equilibrium so dramatically?   (5:15pm February 23rd, 2010)
My rental car is sweet! I hope it takes a long time to fix my car haha.   (3:14pm February 22nd, 2010)
Oh Purple! Thank you for being such a wonderful color! I heart you.   (11:54pm February 21st, 2010)
"But Earth has some of my favorite things, like cookies and oxygen."   (7:33pm February 21st, 2010)
This morning, Kaden told me my curling iron was bad for my hair and that it made my hair lmoltershale. He then proceeded to try and get me to get an in-styler.   (8:32am February 21st, 2010)
HAHA Kaden and Nia are playing with play-dough and he randomly blurts out, "I'm going to make a WHOLE ARMY of DUCKS!"   (6:38pm February 20th, 2010)
is a little unprepared for the pinewood derby car my son brought home today. I'm so out of my comfort zone with this scout stuff!   (11:20pm February 19th, 2010)
HAHA as Shaun White plays air guitar to the national anthem.   (9:40pm February 18th, 2010)
Ah Kettle corn how I love thee! Sweet and salty at the same time.   (9:37pm February 18th, 2010)
Our imperfections make us the unique individuals that we are and are the reason why we are so interesting, love-able, and human. How we deal with and overcome our weaknesses show our strength of character.   (10:12am February 18th, 2010)
Uh oh! From the age of thirty, humans gradually begin to shrink in size. I'm doomed.   (11:34pm February 15th, 2010)
Thank you for caring about my life and being there for me even if it was just a small chat to ask me how I've been or to tell me hi. I have some good friends that make getting through tough times a little easier. The stress is slowly abating and life is getting back to normal. I know I'm silly and there are so many out there who are worse off than I am. I need to keep remembering that and stop focusing on myself. :)   (12:25am February 15th, 2010)
hates that she makes typos when updating her status with her phone. :p   (6:23pm February 14th, 2010)
was glad to hang out with Skyler Jewell. Friends make stupid holidays more bearable. :)   (1:04am February 14th, 2010)
was watching the winter olympics. Now trying not to speed.   (10:49pm February 13th, 2010)
is at work today. Bummer. She able to have yummy coconut soup from Benja's though!   (1:55pm February 13th, 2010)
loves her kids so much. Kaden made up a song about Buddy the dog today and now Nia is blasting one note over and over again on a purple recorder and singing her own little song she made up. So cute!   (8:59am February 10th, 2010)
Cuddly blanket and book weather.   (9:19pm February 9th, 2010)
misses her fb app toolbar on the bottom.   (2:48am February 9th, 2010)
Bazinga!   (11:20am February 7th, 2010)
feels like she is getting sick, the stress may be doing her in. :p   (9:08am February 6th, 2010)
was in a fender bender today. Didn't get hurt and not my fault but my poor car suffered for it. I'm ready to hide from life for a while.   (6:43pm February 4th, 2010)
apparently prefers geeks, even in her dreams!   (5:54pm February 3rd, 2010)
copy and paste this status if You know someone who is an AWESOME mom! Someone that doesn't give up even when their kids are non-compliant and cause eye-ticking! Thank that mom for doing her best to raise up children that won't turn into psychopathic killers someday. Thanks Marie Oliver Peterson for all you do!   (9:42pm February 2nd, 2010)
thinks the FB trendy status things are fun, especially when you are at your wit's end and just simply cannot think of a witty thing to post.   (9:28pm February 2nd, 2010)
needs an awesome status message that will cause laughter, insight, and love to those that read it! Pretend this one did that cause my brain won't work tonight. Thanks!   (12:22am February 2nd, 2010)
hates that texting has become the number 1 way of communicating. There isn't enough punctuation in the world to make up for hearing a voice or being face to face with a person. Take some time out of texting and typing and use the phone for what it was invented for! ;) This isn't aimed at anyone, just something I've been thinking about.   (6:52pm January 31st, 2010)
sometimes wonders if it is all worth it. :p   (9:39pm January 30th, 2010)
just got done taking Kaden to the dr. He now has 3 stitches in his finger. This week has been exhausting.   (11:33am January 28th, 2010)
Turns out it was cancer after all. Good thing it's gone!   (3:08pm January 27th, 2010)
is pretty sure her incision is infected...that's what she gets for putting toothpaste on it by accident.   (7:56pm January 26th, 2010)
is off to work, again. Thanks work for filling up the fun part of my day with work... :p   (10:43am January 26th, 2010)
realized today that it's hard to keep 5 year old focused on primary lessons and they say the most random things!   (9:59pm January 24th, 2010)
When all your friends ditch you, remember there are always books to be read!   (8:30pm January 23rd, 2010)
It sucks being so funny when it hurts to laugh! I read that the average person laughs 15 times a day. I'm way above average in that category. :p   (7:23pm January 22nd, 2010)
got 30 stitches in her face and is now minus a birthmark. Good times :p   (2:45pm January 22nd, 2010)
The things in life that are worth the most are the ones that you work for the most.   (7:44am January 21st, 2010)
You never know what tomorrow will bring. Tell everyone in your life how you feel about them. They may be gone before you know it. :)   (6:01pm January 20th, 2010)
thinks life is too short to waste it being too scared to experience it.   (3:22pm January 20th, 2010)
When simply being with someone makes up for all the sacrifices, you know they are a keeper. Hold on tight and don't let go.   (10:47pm January 19th, 2010)
loves reading and listening to the rain.   (10:00pm January 19th, 2010)
has mostly weird friends. The ones that aren't weird are nice. Some are both! Some are my friend's because I'M nice. Which category do you belong in? ;)   (10:53am January 15th, 2010)
Natalie's quote of the day "f your stalker lives so far away, that's good. Then it's just flattering. They can't actually hunt you down and kidnap you for basement experiments in pain and tickle torture."   (5:03am January 14th, 2010)
wants her replacement in the gift shop to be hired already! grrr   (9:53pm January 12th, 2010)
It's WAYBACK WEEK!!!!!! RETRO RETRO Change your profile pic to a picture of yourself when you were young!! Copy and paste this and share in the fun :)   (9:17am January 12th, 2010)
Ladies, your red, black,pink, blue, white, butterflied, cheetah/zebra printed, and clear or nude bra colors made the channel 4 SLC news tonight. Facebook doesn't know who started it going but the Susan B Kolman foundation says it was a great way to raise awareness for breast cancer. Way to go! Post this on your walls and spread the word again!!   (9:25pm January 10th, 2010)
just finished the Lost Symbol. I really loved it. :)   (6:39pm January 10th, 2010)
thinks that life can be funny sometimes. HA HA life HA HA! :p   (9:58am January 8th, 2010)
translucent leopard rosettes   (10:29pm January 7th, 2010)
turquoise   (10:16am January 7th, 2010)
lost her wireless mouse. Guess that wire is good for something!   (11:11pm January 3rd, 2010)
is cancer free! YAY :)   (9:44pm December 31st, 2009)
got a great flair! Thanks Kristen Hazlet! I'm not short, I'm concentrated awesome!   (10:04pm December 30th, 2009)
there is no charge for awesomeness, or projectile vomit.   (10:13pm December 29th, 2009)
received her first real calling in church! Scary! Primary kids are cute though so it should be ok.   (10:03pm December 29th, 2009)
Oh inventory, how I hate thee.   (9:07am December 29th, 2009)
Kaden's baptism is on Saturday at 5:30pm. :)   (8:42am December 28th, 2009)
Kaden just informed me that European is a big jar of dinosaur pee. Haha   (7:42pm December 27th, 2009)
is so glad to have her children back! Thank you Cripps clan for taking good care of them.   (7:21pm December 26th, 2009)
loved Sherlock Holmes!   (10:35pm December 25th, 2009)
Merry Christmas to all my lovely friends and family! Don't worry you are all lovely, you can't sneak out of that one.   (1:05pm December 24th, 2009)
has to get gas for her car but she has to listen to the rest of fireflies.   (11:20pm December 23rd, 2009)
is grateful for the holiday ugly sweater parties! It gets rid of the crap sweaters at the thrift store.   (2:43pm December 23rd, 2009)
isn't feeling the Christmas spirit. She's a good fake though to customers!   (9:06am December 22nd, 2009)
misses her children.   (8:48am December 21st, 2009)
wants to thank Austin McDonald and his lovely girlfriend Tracee for coming to watch her sing in church today! You are the best!   (2:20pm December 20th, 2009)
is adrift.   (10:03pm December 18th, 2009)
is available for good clean fun in the evenings after she is off work! No kids to worry about. You know you want to hang out!   (8:59am December 18th, 2009)
is glad her face doesn't hurt as bad today. I think I was in denial thinking that getting a hole poked in my head would be easy and painless. At least today I'll be able to laugh with no achey side-effects! Happy Friday everyone!   (7:53am December 18th, 2009)
had a babopsy. It's good that her twin isn't unborn.   (12:23pm December 17th, 2009)
Someone came to visit me at work today! My boss mentioned that they were about my age and good looking. ALL my friends are good looking, sheesh! She did narrow it down by mentioning a goatee and glasses. If anyone knows the mystery person that came to say hi to me, let me know so I can return the favor!   (12:37am December 16th, 2009)
has a dr appointment tomorrow to get her birth-mark by her eye removed. Sad! Now how will people tell Amy and I apart. ;)   (7:10pm December 15th, 2009)
has a solo in church this weekend. Pray for her cause her knees will be knocking.   (10:37am December 15th, 2009)
isn't looking forward to the weekend for once. It sucks not having kids the week before Christmas. Guess she needs to learn how to share better. :p   (9:05am December 14th, 2009)
loves when her 3 year old daughter talks to her so seriously. She is so darn cute.   (9:36am December 10th, 2009)
is shooting for the first Saturday in January for Kaden's baptism.   (9:30pm December 6th, 2009)
is so excited to go to church this Sunday! Time is going too slow.   (10:22am December 4th, 2009)
Kaden woke up cranky today. I offered to make him cinnamon toast to cheer him up and he said, "Hmph, you always try to make me happy when I don't want to be." I think that's one of the nicest things he has said to me!   (9:07am December 1st, 2009)
Kaden informed me that animals with sharp teeth are carnivals. Lol   (6:47pm November 28th, 2009)
is working at the Gift Shop at the hospital. It's so laid back and slow here that I forget that it is Black Friday!   (10:54am November 27th, 2009)
had a wonderful night filled with laughter, friends, and family. It doesn't get much better than that. So very thankful.   (12:00am November 27th, 2009)
I'm thankful for my two beautiful, sweet, funny, children and for my family that is always there for me through thick and thin. Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends! I'm so blessed to have you all in my life.   (5:20am November 26th, 2009)
wishes Jimmy Johns was open, she is craving a #10.   (11:38pm November 24th, 2009)
Today, I had to volunteer at the hospital gift shop for a couple of hours which is usually a really boring job. About an hour into working, an old man runs in. He starts looking around frantically and I asked if he needed help. His response? "YEAH! My grandson's going to find me and I'm not letting a 7 year old beat me at hide-and-seek!!" I let him hide behind the counter for the rest of my shift. MLIA   (10:06pm November 24th, 2009)
is trying to fix herself. One day at a time.   (10:12pm November 22nd, 2009)
can we fix it?   (11:55pm November 20th, 2009)
read on MLIA that facebook has an upside down language option. How cool!   (11:20pm November 19th, 2009)
is patiently waiting for the shirt woot to update so she can go to sleep!   (10:28pm November 18th, 2009)
thinks it is funny how dramatic children can be. Apparently you can ruin their life by making them put pants on before breakfast.   (8:29am November 18th, 2009)
watched UP with my baby girl before work. What an excellent and cute movie!   (10:22am November 17th, 2009)
isn't old until peeing her pants becomes involuntary...   (6:02pm November 16th, 2009)
went bowling, dancing, and met some fun people. Great night!   (1:59am November 15th, 2009)
wants to thank all her friends that she can be herself around. Self-editing isn't fun!   (8:50am November 13th, 2009)
thinks it's interesting that a bunch of her weird family members made facebook accounts...uh if you are related to me and reading this, pretend it doesn't apply to you! ;)   (4:02pm November 10th, 2009)
New fav movie quote: What is the simple bite on the buttocks among friends?   (10:06am November 9th, 2009)
YAY for Peace -My scripture of the week- D&C 59:23 But learn that he who doeth the works of righteousness shall receive his reward, even peace in this world, and eternal life in the world to come.   (9:42pm November 8th, 2009)
found out that policemen are bored at 4am after getting pulled over twice on her way home. Apparently the rear license plate light was burned out.   (12:06pm November 7th, 2009)
Ain't that a kick in the head. I guess a curse isn't what it used to be.   (10:15am November 6th, 2009)
keeps getting reminded that she won't be in her 20s much longer. Thanks. :p   (8:59am November 6th, 2009)
loves you and not only from the bathroom.   (10:10pm November 5th, 2009)
is grateful for the Gospel since she has a hard time operating without hope.   (7:14pm November 3rd, 2009)
is going to take a break from fb drama for a bit. Love ya all and good luck with your lives.   (10:25pm November 2nd, 2009)
Hello!!   (12:10am October 31st, 2009)
is a little worried that her hair follicles hurt because of the sudden onslaught of headachy-ness!   (10:47pm October 29th, 2009)
Everybody does NOT have a water buffalo!   (9:45am October 29th, 2009)
quote of the day - Fool! Don't you see now that I could have poisoned you a hundred times had I been able to live without you? -Cleopatra VII   (7:04pm October 27th, 2009)
Lol Kaden just said, 'my life was just fine before green beans!'   (8:33pm October 25th, 2009)
is glad she was able to visit her grandma in the hospital. Hope it's just a medication issue.   (1:29pm October 24th, 2009)
isn't confused anymore thanks Matt Kress!   (12:28am October 24th, 2009)
favorite scripture of the day D&C 29:39 And it must needs be that the devil should tempt the children of men, or they could not be agents unto themselves; for if they never should have bitter they could not know the sweet   (10:11pm October 23rd, 2009)
is a little confused. :p Nothing new right?   (7:19pm October 23rd, 2009)
forgot her phone at home today!   (4:30pm October 22nd, 2009)
A best friend is someone you can talk to every day, have nothing to say, and still are able to fill the conversation up. Sometimes you try and figure out what the heck you talked about and all you recall is a song about a douche...   (5:30pm October 21st, 2009)
so far I'm using my day off time wisely. I'm trying to teach Nia that light sabers don't make a shing sound. We are working on doing light saber fighting sounds now.   (11:28am October 20th, 2009)
called in sick to work today. Not for herself though! I think Nia and I both need some rest. Lets see if she will comply haha.   (10:48am October 20th, 2009)
doesn't feel all that great today. :(   (9:24am October 19th, 2009)
sang in Relief Society today. It wasn't bad!   (10:00pm October 18th, 2009)
Today, my friend ask me if Mormons celebrate Christmas, because I am Mormon. I told her that we don't, but we celebrate Nomrom (Mormon backwards), just as a joke. She believed me, even when I told her about the ceremonial green jello. She will be coming to celebrate with me on December 27th. I am so excited. MLIA   (3:49pm October 17th, 2009)
thinks that Saturdays at Costco can drive you insane.   (2:42pm October 17th, 2009)
has started to write a book! It will probably end up just being a long blog entry but my goals are starting high!   (2:33am October 17th, 2009)
My little girl turns 3 today. She has definitely kept life interesting with her insatiable curiosity, boundless enthusiasm, and her wonderful little made up songs.   (8:05am October 13th, 2009)
thinks there is a fine line between low self-esteem and being humble. :p   (7:33pm October 12th, 2009)
Let go and let God.   (6:34pm October 12th, 2009)
is eating SpongeBob shaped cheez-its and drinking Diet Dr. Pepper. That's what I get for staying up so late!   (1:51am October 12th, 2009)
has had a fun weekend mostly. Missionaries, birthday cake, singing, church, painting prayer rocks, and watching My Turn on Earth. :)   (6:21pm October 11th, 2009)
is sad that the adversary wants to tear her family apart and is trying very hard to.   (11:09pm October 10th, 2009)
had a long day at work and ended it all with a trip to instacare. Nia had 3 stitches right next to her eye. Daredevil and clumsy don't always mix well.   (10:47pm October 9th, 2009)
ate dessert first for lunch today! I needed it lol.   (4:13pm October 8th, 2009)
it's funny how simple acknowledgement, or lack of, from someone can have such effects on another.   (11:58pm October 7th, 2009)
has nothing left to give. Please call back in 3 to 7 days.   (9:33pm October 7th, 2009)
Did you know that facebook is available in 70 languages? I didn't because I was getting spammed with single dating site ads. That will teach me to set my status to single.   (5:49pm October 7th, 2009)
is a little unsettled.   (5:08pm October 6th, 2009)
likes long walks, especially when they are taken by those who annoy me...   (11:01pm October 4th, 2009)
"Happiness keeps you Sweet, Trials keep you Strong, Sorrows keep you Human, Failures keep you Humble, Success keeps you Glowing But Only Friends Keep You Going"   (6:18pm October 3rd, 2009)
is eating a delicious personal pan pizza made by the cafeteria! Sausage, mushrooms, and ranch instead of tomato sauce!!   (12:03pm October 3rd, 2009)
is at work on Saturday. I forgot how poopy that was! Listening to Conference though helps.   (11:20am October 3rd, 2009)
just dropped Nia off at day care and wanted to stay to eat dino nuggets and tater tots.   (11:42am October 2nd, 2009)
has purple candy corn! They are blackberry cobbler flavored. They admittedly look better than they taste.   (9:21pm September 30th, 2009)
is excited that her sister Jen's zygotes are mitosis-ing.   (7:31pm September 29th, 2009)
Mondays, ugh. What a crappy start to a new week.   (9:16am September 28th, 2009)
had a wonderful weekend. She is thankful for church, semi-cheating scrabble partners, my brother, caramel cheesecake bites at Del Taco, and a soft bed.   (2:42pm September 27th, 2009)
wonders if anyone else wants to play scrabble with me? Someone that isn't a walking dictionary is preferable.   (4:20pm September 26th, 2009)
cleaning and listening to Air1! Good times...well as good as you can get when you clean.   (11:24am September 26th, 2009)
is sleepy today! Why can't she be sleepy at night? :p   (8:58am September 26th, 2009)
is a little bored and not the least bit sleepy. Sad night. Reading the dictionary is right out though.   (11:36pm September 25th, 2009)
Movie canceled   (10:32pm September 25th, 2009)
is taking a supremely awesome person to the movies tonight. Happy birthday to you!   (7:32pm September 25th, 2009)
isn't doing so well at scrabble.   (10:28pm September 24th, 2009)

is home from Las Vegas. Fun fun day! Stoked about the new vendors we will be ordering from.   (7:35pm September 24th, 2009)
is at a souvenir and gift show in vegas. So fun!   (1:24pm September 24th, 2009)
is happily exhausted. Good day.   (9:12pm September 23rd, 2009)
Oh my gosh! Like a million people's birthday's are on Friday! What the heck is up with that? Someone mentioned that a lot of people that were conceived around New Year's Eve are being born this week... haha   (10:37am September 23rd, 2009)
is doing splendid. A great friend directed me to this scripture Galatians 5:22. It so fits my mood right now!!   (9:58am September 23rd, 2009)
loves cookie(s)! Translation: I'll take plural but I'll settle for one.   (12:01am September 23rd, 2009)
“Some of us look forward to a time in the future—salvation and exaltation in the world to come—but today is part of eternity.”   (9:57am September 22nd, 2009)
"Isn't it rather dangerous to use one's entire vocabulary in a single sentence"   (9:34am September 22nd, 2009)
we won volleyball! Only because the other team didn't show up haha. We did play though and we had a lot of fun. Time to go grocery shopping and get ready for the missionaries to come over and give my 8 yr old son the first discussion! I need a refresher too.   (10:50am September 19th, 2009)

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