Thursday, April 4, 2013

Donating - The DOs and DON'Ts

Do - Donate the honey pot
Don't - Donate it with the honey still inside
*The same applies to any condiment holder like salt shakers and your secret corn dog sauce. Also applies to trash receptacles.

Do - Donate unopened toothpaste samples
Don't - Donate your dentures

Do - Donate shoes
Don't - Donate just one shoe, or just the sole, or ones you were wearing when you stepped in doggy droppings and then you were too lazy to clean them off.

Do - Appreciate the staff and volunteers at the store.
Don't - Donate casseroles and cakes to show us your appreciation. Store bought and sealed is probably the best way to go in this day and age of untrustworthy food poisonings. We probably don't know you well enough to sample your cooking.

Do - Donate clean undergarments - Believe it or not, there ARE people that can't afford to get new ones.
Don't - Leave your used always pads on the said undergarments. - I like to use dashes.

Do - Donate items from your storage unit that you stuck there because you wanted to save them for later. Then later came and you realized you never missed them.
Don't - Donate any hives or nests that may have accumulated in those boxes of items while you were absent from their presence.

Do - Donate Tupperware and other handy storage devices
Don't - Donate your empty chocolate boxes. They go in recycling or the garbage. You are just going to make us jealous that you were able to eat all that chocolate and all we got was the wrappings.

Do - Donate your recyclable items. Metals, wires, broken electronics, shopping bags, newspapers.
Don't - Donate your trash because you felt too guilty throwing it away so you GAVE it away instead and now your mind is at ease because you passed your carbon footprint on to someone else. Don't use run on sentences unless you want to make a point by not allowing your reader to breath until you finally type some sort of punctuation.

Do - Donate weird and unique items so that I can take pictures and blog about it.
Don't - Donate your hair and toenail clipping collection.

Don't donate food - If we get it, then we will take it to the homeless shelter. Don't donate expired food items though. That's just another way of getting rid of trash guilt free.

Do - Donate antique/vintage items
Don't - Donate suspected murder weapons

Do - Donate books
Don't - Donate books that you accidentally dropped in the bathtub while you were reading.

Do - Donate prosthetic limbs because it is just really fun to have that for sale in a store.
Don't - Donate prosthetic limbs that are still attached and being used by someone that isn't you.

Do - Donate your collectables
Don't - Donate your preserved arachnid collection unless you clearly label the outside of the box with a large warning sign so I don't reach in and pull one out and then freak out. Thank you.

Do - Donate your old VCRs. They don't make them anymore so people buy them quick.
Don't - Donate your old VCR without checking to make sure you didn't leave porno inside.

Do - Donate medical equipment like walkers, wheelchairs, shower chairs, and crutches
Don't - Donate catheters. Just don't. No one will ever go to a Thrift Store and think to themselves, hmm I wonder if they have any used catheters today.

Do - Donate fake flora and greenery for the household. That stuff is pretty expensive brand new.
Don't - Donate preserved flora that is falling apart and shedding.

Do - Donate pet items.
Don't - Donate pets. Or children...unless they are hard workers.

Do - Donate purses
Don't - Check the purses thoroughly before you donate them. It's fun to find money!

Do - Donate most household items.
Don't - Accidentally donate treasures that you will regret letting go of. If you do happen to do that, Don't wait 6 months before coming back to the store to see if we still have it.

Do - Donate
Do - Shop. Someone needs to buy all that stuff that we get. If you donated, that means you have space to get OTHER items.

These tips have been inspired by my other blog.
Donation of the Day

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