Sunday, November 17, 2013

Birthday Musings

Today is my birthday so I decided I would write a post of things I've learned. It can be for posterity or something.

1. Life is so fleetingly short.
  • It is too short to hold a grudge or disown family members because they choose to live differently than you do.
2. Laughter is amazing.
  • I laugh a lot and it picks my spirits up better than anything else. I find humor in a lot of different things.
3. Be kind.
  • Always
4. Give compliments.
  • I always think of nice things in my head. In the past I was too shy to say anything. One day, I decided that if someone complimented me, I would love it. I decided to always say them out loud from now on. So they will know that someone random appreciated something about them
5. Smile!
  • It really does brighten people's day.
6. Love your job.
  • My job frequently sucks. The secret is that I work for a good cause so it makes the bad parts worth it. Laughter also helps. A lot!
7. People are amazing!
  • You can learn something and love something about anyone if you look hard enough.
8. Be thoughtful.
  • SLOW down and take the extra time to be thoughtful when you are thanking someone, giving a gift, or just letting them know they are appreciated.
9. It's okay to have a bad day.
  • It doesn't make you a bad person or a failure. I will apologize to my children when I yell at them needlessly. Mostly because I had a bad day. They always smile at me and say, it's okay. We are used to it! Uh, that's not exactly the legacy I want to leave but they love me unconditionally and it reminds me to fill my heart with love instead of anger or stress.
10. Work at your worthwhile friendships.
  • Especially if they are worth keeping around. If you let them slide then your friendship wasn't worth their time to keep around either.

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