Monday, December 15, 2008

The glory of man

I was joking around with some friends one day and we started talking about all the great words that start with man or men! We were of course being facetious about the greatness of the words other than how greatly funny it was.

manacles- Yup that's right, yet another way that men can hold us back. Sometimes it can be okay though as long as both are consenting adults.

menacing- This word can go along with the previous word for some kinky alliteration fun.

meningitis- Inflammation of the brain..I don't believe I need to add anything further.

menial- Boring work of low status. Yup, it's a keeper!

manic- The beginning of the word explains why depressive is a common word that usually follows this one.

manipulate- Women seem to excel at this sport but only because we have become adept at figuring out which brain men like to think with the most.

menopause- This word is like men because it causes women varying degrees of discomfort.

menstruation- The monthly discharge of menses...Thank you for starting this with men, it reminds us that they get the fun part in procreation.

menagerie- A collection of live animals for study or display. There are some men out there that are only good to look at...okay maybe that covers a lot of them.

Here are a few more words that don't really need an explanation.

mental Illness
manhole (hahahaha)

*disclaimer* I'm not really a man hater. At least not by the Bible's definition of man being an all encompassing word for mankind. I do kind of hate one man though. Just a single entity has really ruined my opinion on men and that's judgmental I know and hopefully someday I'll get over it. Hopefully! Otherwise I may start having to contemplate lesbianism more seriously. ;)

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