Friday, March 27, 2009

New and Improved about me!

I was signing up for a website that wanted to know about me. Every time I come across stuff like that, I just copy and paste what I had put on my myspace page. Well I decided it needed to be updated so this is the new and improved about me!

Important facts about me:
1. I have 2 beautiful children.
2. I love to have witty and intellectually stimulating conversations involving big words so that I can feel smarter than I am in reality.
3. There aren't a lot of subjects that I can actually talk about that would be intellectually stimulating. Think of me as a blank slate though! I can form opinions on the fly that may alienate you or have you laughing so hard you pee in your computer chair.
4. I try not to be trendy. If something I like is Trendy, then it's even more cool than anyone previously thought!
5. I can joke about a lot of things. I try not to let my hilarity get too naughty but sometimes sex is just too funny.
6. I like purple. Yeah it's important enough that it goes on this list!
7. I'm honest. I'm not mean about it but I will never try to lead anyone on or portray myself as something I'm not. On that note, I'm 5'1" and 200 lbs. :p
8. I don't judge people, that's for someone else to decide. I can usually find something that is worthy of love in anyone I meet. I tend to get along with most people.

Facts about me that aren't as important
1. I'm addicted to Q-tips. I love the feel of cleaning out my ears ok. I have to pretend I'm out of Q-tips so that I don't use them too much and then cause some type of weird inner ear injury that results in dizziness and vomiting.
2. My favorite non-alcoholic beverage is Diet Dr. Pepper. My favorite alcoholic ones are Swamp Moss from Joe's crab shack and vodka sours.
3. I'll try almost anything once. I did try a few things twice just to make sure I absolutely didn't like it the first time.
4. I like fingernail polish, crazy socks, and fun flavored chapstick/lip glosses.
5. I don't make it a habit of constantly wearing makeup. I'm a t-shirts and jeans kind of girl when I want to relax.
6. I'm a twin. We don't have weird telepathy mind powers for communication either.
7. I like to type Effin sweet and Geeze a lot. I also enjoy using a lot of exclamation marks when I type.
8. I love proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling when I'm talking to someone. It's not totally important to me but it is an attractive quality.

Music Tastes:
I don't make it a habit of licking my CDs, so I'm not sure how they taste. I love listening to songs that are fun to sing with.

Ella Fitzgerald has a voice that sounds like melted chocolate. Her range is fun and I love the animation in her voice. She can scat and when she imitates Louis Armstrong it cracks me up. My favorite CD is the Gershwin one. I love singing with her and I hope to meet her when I die. I'd never dare sing for her though. She is so out of my league!

Bernadette Peters is sexy and passionate. I love the Broadway music she sings.

I listen to a lot of Christian Alternative. Mostly because the station doesn't have commercials.
Newsboys have a great upbeat sound and their singer's voice is unique and fun.
I'd keep listing more bands that fall in this category but I like too many of them.

Evanescence (older stuff and Lacrymosa)
Nightwish (I haven't listened to a ton but I like the sound of them)
Simon and Garfunkle
Wilson Phillips
Jason Mraz I'm yours
Weezer Undone
Jimmy Eat World In the Middle
Most of the music from the play Jekyll and Hyde
Chasen Crazy Beautiful (it's one of my theme songs)
Plumb In my arms (reminds me of my daughter so much that I cry)
There are others as well, I'm just tired of typing now. If you made it this far, you are a keeper!

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