Sunday, August 17, 2008


This was originally written like 10 years ago or so.
My little sister writes beautiful poetry so one time her and I were discussing how she picks the words for her poetry and stuff. We saw some poetry contest we wanted to enter a stupid poem for. Something silly and just fun. We called it Ode to life's fungi....well it didn't turn out the way we wanted it, it was supposed to be funny and sarcastic. SO here it is, an original poem written by Natalie and Jennifer.

Ode To Life's Fungi

As I stare through a grimy window, I see society at its
I think about this world and can't help knowing we are
I see people hurting each other and living in lies.
Did God really make this world or is it a disguise.
When will we be free from life's corruptible pain?
We're already too late to save a world that's insane.
Soon everybody will see there is not point to this existance,
As long as we keep going along the path of less resistance.
Can we change? Is there a chance? Is there a choice?

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