Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some random happenings

On Thursday one of my volunteer's at work gave me a compliment. I told her I liked coming in to work on Thursdays because she always says something nice to me. She informed me that, "The people that don't give compliments are the jealous ones." I think that's an excellent way to look at life! Either people will compliment you or they still think those same things but don't say it out loud because they are jealous.

On Friday I had to take my step brother, Kyle, to school because he is a slacker and didn't arrange for another way to get there that day. Because of that, I was really early taking Kaden to school. He likes that because he can play on the playground for a bit before the bell rings. Nia wanted so badly to run and play there with him but she's just too little. Those wild kids would just run right over her. I wouldn't let her go so she got mad at me. It wasn't too much later that a bunch of 1st grader girls came over to say hi to her. Nia is even better than a doll! She's also better than a puppy. They were playing hopscotch with her and holding her hand and carrying her around. She was in absolute heaven. She is starting to become a lot less shy and more social. She will wave at people and smile and talk to them a little bit now. She ran to one of the hopscotch areas and turned to her new fan club and said, "Hop?" It was really adorable watching her play with those cute girls.

Today Kaden said he looked hideous because the pirate hat he was wearing had a skull that was smiling. That skull shouldn't have been so happy. I just thought that was a crack up. Then we proceeded to talk about what we wanted to be for Halloween. He decided that being a Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle would be the absolute best because they are the most awesome. I asked him if I could be bat girl and he said only skinny girls can be bat girl. He said I could be a ghost. I tell ya, it's a good thing I love that kid! It did make me laugh though.

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