Sunday, August 31, 2008

My sistahs!

This weekend I was able to hang out with my awesome sisters. I don't get to see them enough! Amy is the one on the left. She is my twin sister and also pregnant. I can't wait to meet the little person she is cookin up in her tummy oven. Whenever I need a pick me up, I call her and she lets me know how awesome I am. She thinks I'm the best person in the world! That's hard to live up to but it's nice to know someone thinks highly of you. The sister in the middle is Jen. She's a school teacher and I really respect her a lot. She works hard and plays harder. She likes to interject reality checks in people's lives. She usually does it with a great deal of humor so you can't help laughing but being annoyed at the same time with her nosiness. I'm the one on the right! I'm pretty much cute. Anyway we had a lot of fun and they had to leave way too soon. When we were younger and in the dating stages of life, we used to tease each other a lot. Whenever one of your boyfriends or dates would say something dumb we would sarcastically say, "He's a keeper." Jen found these shirts at American Eagle one time and she had to get one for all of us. We wear them with pride whenever we are together in the same place. We are all keepers! They also make really great St. Patrick's day shirts.

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