Thursday, September 4, 2008

A close look at an undervalued super hero

I've always wanted a super power! I can make humans but psh that ability is a little over-rated since about half of the world's population can do the same thing at some point in their lives. So today I was researching some super powers so that I could figure out which one would be the most awesome. I still haven't decided but this one is intriguing.

The one to catch my eye was Matter-eater lad. HAHAHA! I especially like the lad at the end. It's about as inspiring as Jiggly-puff weilding a wiffle bat. His name is a bit lame but endearing at the same time. Who wouldn't want their own matter-eater lad hmm?

Ability: The power to eat matter in all forms

That's pretty effin sweet. You wouldn't have to worry about what you were going to make for dinner. Hungry? Time to dine on a buffet of whatever junk is around the house. Get rid of that old mattress that's been hanging around outside for ages. MMMmmm tastes like trisquits! Think of the possible recycling benefits for the planet! I'd like my taste buds to be turned off if I had that super power though.

Fun facts about Matter-eater lad: On his planet, Bismoll (snickers), some microbe was infecting all their food sources and made them inedible. The population then evolved the ability to injest any type of matter as a survival mechanism. That's pretty effin sweet too! One of his famous phrases when he was younger was. "Trust me, I'm a senator!" Sign me up for the trust list! That makes me feel so at ease :p. Anywho He eventually retired from the super hero business and became the chef for the Legion of Super Heroes. I don't know if I would trust someone that can eat anything to cook a palatable meal for people that can't. He was featured in a unauthorized comic where he won an award for the most ludicrous super power. He ate the trophy.

I don't think his is the most ludicrous super power! There were a few that were worse in that movie Sky High. I vote that Matter-eater Lad and Captain Planet combine forces to make worlds all over the universe more eco friendly. This is the type of super hero we need!

Go Green!

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