Thursday, September 18, 2008

Slightly embarrassing shopping list

I was talking to a friend about things that may be embarrassing to purchase at a store, especially when they are all thrown together! We compiled a list of common household items that would be embarrassing to get all together. The rule we had was that they had to be completely innocuous all on their own. That means I had to take off the ginormous box of condoms that I wanted on the list. I left the obvious stuff off like whipped cream. Pshh everyone uses that. We wanted to be more creative!

Feather Duster
Vasaline (replaced KY with that since it's more innocent)
Cartoon bandaids
Rubber gloves (those giant yellow ones are teh sexy!)
Water Bed repair kit
baby oil
rope (can be used for many different things!)
medical eyepatch
Preparation H (whatever happened to A-G har har)
giant black garbage bags (this makes for easy clean up if things get a little kinky :P and they aren't to transport a body! We don't do that!)
rubbing alcohol
toilet plunger
duct tape

penciled in at the bottom as an after thought
OOOooo one of those big cans of nacho cheese you can get in the bulk aisle!

HAHAHA I don't know why I thought the list was so amusing but there you have it, I'm weird.

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Anonymous said...

so first you are going to feed your victim Zucchinis then tickle them with a Feather Duster
then you are going to rub Vaseline all over their head then you will tape their lips shut with Cartoon band aids then with the Razor you will shave their legs then you will put the rubber gloves on their feet for fun then you will fix your water bed with a Water Bed repair kit then you will rub baby oil all over the persons face then you will tie them up with the rope and put the medical eye patch on them then you will put a giant black garbage bag over their head (this makes for easy clean up if things get a little kinky :P and they aren't to transport a body! We don't do that!)but that didn't work so that is where the rubbing alcohol comes in you force the person to drink it and then with the toilet paper you wrap it all around their body then with the duct tape you cover their entire body with it and then you use a match and light a fire with the matches and then you run off with the toilet plunger in your hand and that is how you complete your murder with the stuff on your slightly embarrassing shopping list ha ha jk i was so bored