Sunday, September 21, 2008

Moms are awesome

So yesterday I was doing Nia's hair and my mom was looking at me and she said, "I'm sorry, you got your dad's chicken legs." I looked at her and said, "Yeah I got his butt too." She used this as an excuse to start talking about my high chances of getting Diabetes. I cut her off and said, "I know mom." She said, "See this is why I never talk to you anymore, you always get so defensive."

I love the conversations with my tactless mom! They are so great for the self esteem. She could have started this conversation a lot better by cutting out the I'm sorry and chicken. That still lets her lead into her diabetes lecture without the unnecessary rudeness. She gets upset that I have a low self esteem and then she reinforces my love levels by saying crap like that. This is actually one of the nicer conversations we've had. She's a nurse so she thinks she is allowed to constantly tell me that kind of stuff. I appreciate her concern. She always acts so surprised that she's already had the conversation with me. Maybe I should tell her to get tested for alzheimers. She sees symptoms of illness in everything I do!

I vow as a mother to stop perpetuating the low self esteem cycle! My mom always says you can't teach what you don't have. She is referring to self esteem. Well gosh dang it. I'm awesome just the way I am and I want my daughter to feel that way about herself every minute of her life.

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